Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daily Update: Bloodwork, et al.

I guess that I should consider this a weekly update because I hadn't posted in a few days. Anyway, here's my update:

After the CT scan was OK on Monday, I recieved two prescriptions for my headaches, Maxalt for my migranes and Butalbital for my tension headaches. They also doubled my dose of Amitriptyline to 100mg, which from what what I've read and have heard from others with fibro, is normal.

Tuesday, I woke up fine. I was feeling good, no headaches, reasonable pain level. I went to work.

By the time that it was 8:30, I was progressively getting worse physically. I had anxiety. I couldn't sit still, had pain down my arms and legs and felt very foggy (like a typical fibro, flu-like flare).

I felt like I didn't feel right in my skin and just wanted to lay down. Finally, I decided that had to leave work. I decided to drive home and if I was going to make the 27 mile trip, I thought that I needed to leave right then before anything got worse.

I called my wife once I was on the interstate and asked her to please call me doctor and relay my symptoms to the Dr. At the time, I thought that I may be having a reaction to the increased dosage of my Amiltriptyline.

I also called the neurologist that I was referred to see if I could move up my appointment (the closest that they had was 9/10 @ 2:30pm). I told them that I was worried and need something/anything if they can find sometime sooner because my biggest concern was that I have to still go to work and can't function.

Five minutes later, I got a call back from my wife asking me to stop driving ( I was getting worse anyway). I pulled over into a shopping center and she and my oldest on came to get me and took me to an emergency visit with the doctor.

The doctor saw me and ran some blood tests. The regular ones came back with an elevated white blood cell count. They were still waiting on the West Nile Virus results. While there, I was still really feeling strange, like my skin didn't fit me right. I know that that sounds strange. I was borderline delusional, couldn't walk straight, etc.

I was sent home with my wife while she picked up my prescriptions. The doctor told me to stay home from work for the next few days. I was essentially on bed rest.

I am worried as this whole two weeks has been a progressive downhill slide. I am working from home today... just trying to get through to this weekend.

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