Tuesday, September 9, 2003


September 9, 2003

As I sit here, I am reading about Fibromyalgia on the Internet. I am reading about this gentlemen who has a LONG list of chronic symptoms and am hoping that I do not even come close to developing what he has. Albeit, it may be psychological, when I read of some of his troubles, I can relate. I think to myself..."Gee, I kind of have that a little." it makes me wonder if there will be a progression. I've read that there is no progression, so to speak, yet it seems that the symptoms have gotten worse and more developed over the past few weeks.

Other Web sites that I have read all speak of reasonable pain management and have not gone into the level of detail that this guy has. This poor man is practically disabled. I've also changed my doctor's appointment to 3:30 on Friday that way I could go home right afterwards.

I've also decided to keep track of my pain and where it is to document frequency, location, etc. I am going to try to group it as it occurs as usually, the pain happens at multiple points in my body at the same time. I might not be able to accurately record the time or the duration, but am striving to record it when I can get back to my computer.

  • Left shoulder
  • Left knee
  • Front of head


  • left bicep - burning
  • Right lower back - burning
  • left hand - numbness


  • left knee
  • right shoulder - burning
  • front of head
  • tightness on right side of neck


  • left/front side of head - cloudiness/numbness

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