Friday, September 12, 2003


September 12, 2003

Well, it's been a pretty rough day. My boss at work forgot that I had a doctor's appointment and was running me ragged all day right up to the point when I had to leave. I managed to make it to the doctor on time in spite of everything :) It turned out to be longer visit than I expected as I was at the doctor's office from 3:30pm - 5:30pm. Anyway after a barrage of questions by the nurse and then the doctor about my history, the pain, etc. the doctor was leaning towards either osteoarthritis or a thyroid problem. He then sent me immediately to the lab for blood work and gave me a GENEROUS sample of Mobic to hold me through the weekend until my results come in on Monday or Tuesday. He told me to take 1 or 2 tablets every day.

I took one immediately upon getting home and having dinner, unfortunately, it didn't help. I waited several hours and took the second one... still nothing.

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