Monday, September 24, 2012

Daily Update - Neurologist Visit

Well, I went to see my neurologist yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised.

He asked about my relief from the headaches, etc. and the said that he was going to increase my Verapamil to try to keep the headaches at bay. He also prescribed Imitrex (100mg) for when my migraines start and Frova to take if the migraine continues more than 1 hour.

He said that my migraine symptoms are typical and that treating them is tricky due to the Fibromyalgia, saying that the two (migraines and fibro) feed off of each other and exacerbate the issue.

He then gave me a shot of Phenergan and Nubain in the hip and I was good to go (since I was going straight home).  All this and I was in and out in 20 minutes and on time.

The shot that my neurologist gave me lasted for about 6 hours. I was headache and pain free during that time! It was like my body went on vacation and was totally OK. I wish that I could have that shot every

So here I am, with a small headache, but generally decent.

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