Monday, September 3, 2012

Daily update: Stuff and new stuff

I went back to work Tuesday. (Thank God Monday was a holiday).  I still have dizziness and a constant headache, but am pushing myself without trying to push too hard (I am well aware of the consequences). I've spoken with my boss and have arranged to work out of a location that is closer to home for me (8 miles, instead of 26 miles) at least until I see the neurologist.

All of my bloodwork came back normal and I still have an appointment with a neurologist this Monday.

Today is also a very weird day in that I am having weakness in my legs and hand tremors. I chocked it up to low blood sugar, however, I still have it after eating. I hope that this passes quickly and is not something new to add on to the heap of stuff that I've been experiencing. It's a very unusual feeling not being able to trust your hands or legs.

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