Sunday, March 17, 2013

Surrounding Yourself With Those Who Understand

Tonight, I learned an important lesson in surrounding yourself with people who know about and understand your Fibromyalgia.

While at church tonight, my Fibromyalgia was acting up. It was an interesting night as tonight was a night of worship that involved standing and singing as well as a time of questions with our small groups. We were standing singing, when after a few songs, I had to sit down.Man, I could barely stand during the times where we were and as the time went on, I found myself reading and re-reading the questions that we were supposed to be discussing, but I wasn't understanding them.

I made a comment about my fibro acting up and thankfully when it was time for me to pray, a gentleman from our small group stepped up and said that he would pray.

What a blessing that was to have understanding people around you in all areas of life.

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