Thursday, January 12, 2012

Memory Issues

It has been said that memory issues are a component of Fibromyalgia (FM). That bears itself to be the case with me. As a result of my increased memory issues, I would like to start logging issues/instances so I have a reference.

There are times when my mind seems to be in a fog. I go through a period of decreased ability to concentrate, decreased event recall, and an inability to multi-task. When this fog sets in, I experience problems with short and long term memory and difficulty in finding the right words to use. I have also noticed that my attention span is deminished during this time.

My wife has mentioned that I've had conversations with her of which I have no recollection. This is a very scary component of FM for me as it seems that I am losing my mind on occasion. I often wonder if my memory issues are the onset of Alzheimer’s or some other related issue.

My incidents of cognitive issues last sometimes for hours for some symptoms and days for others. During these times, my mind is in a haze.

There are also times that short-term memory loss seems to be tied to the amount of pain and fatigue that I am going through. It's a very frustrating issue that compounds what I am going through with dealing with FM.

Hopefully, by logging what I am going through, it can benefit me or someone else who is dealing with this.

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